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Our Harvest Party is an annual event that we look forward to with much anticipation.

As the seasons change and the grapes begin to ripen, many preparations are made in readiness for the crush. We try to give all attendees as much advance notice as possible. Generally, the Harvest event takes place in mid to late September.

At this event, family and friends participate in many aspects of the harvest. Grapes are picked, sorted and crushed. We also try to include some bottling and labeling for the total experience. We will enjoy the wines from previous harvests and many festive foods including breads and meats cooked in our outdoor bread oven. If you join our wine club you will have a standing invitation to this event!

MoniClaire Vineyards
Event Guests
Experience the Harvest
MoniClaire Vineyards
Event Guests
Enjoy Oven-Baked Pizza
MoniClaire Vineyards
Event Guests
Enjoy Oven-Baked Bread

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